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Danish homewares brand Tine K Home was founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen and her husband Jacob Fossum. The Tine K Home Collection is based on Tine K’s passion for beautiful objects, sweet memories, different cultures, and great stories. The Collection includes interior, textiles, furniture, and accessories from own designs or as unique findings from different journeys abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, India etc. With her passion for 'cold' colors, the Scandinavian simplicity is combined with handmade items and charming objects from different cultures which altogether creates a warm and cozy atmosphere:

"It is the contrast between light and dark which creates the style and atmosphere. Often, the dark colors come from old objects, furniture and carpets from the East. I like pieces that have history, that are handmade and different, and that I can't usually find in Denmark."

Tine K Home's head office is placed in Odense with retailers in many different countries.

For over 18 years, Zenza has been designing and creating handmade products, using artisanal techniques from all corners of the world. Their handmade products are unique, each object has a soul and a distinctive character and adds personality to home. Their work also contributes to maintaining handicrafts alive in a world where mass production threatens their existence. Zenza creates a contemporary look, with a sleeker, more modern interpretation of objects from the past. They are particularly interested in oriental designs, as they are a never-ending source of inspiration to them.

Zenza has a factory in Egypt. They insist on working according to ethical standards. They are grateful that they are able to contribute to improving the lives and circumstances of the people with whom they work.

"Mitt stora intresse för färg ocf form ledde fram till att Malin Westberg Collection bildades 2004. Sedan starten har en god kvalitet alltid varit viktig för mig. Ideerna som jag får mynnar ut i färger, former och mönster som växer fram till produkter där kvaliteten på råvara, tillverkning och slutresultat är kompromisslös. Drivkraften för mig är att skapa användbara och bra produkter som förgyller vardagen. Ett sortiment med möjlighet till oändlig koordination och kombination som ger dig välbefinnande och livskvalitet varje dag, året om.

Malin Westberg Collection finns i Uppsala där vi har vårt huvudkontor, produktion och lager. Våra varor säljs runt om i Sverige av våra återförsäljare samt även av agenter som finns i Europa, Japan, USA och Canada.

"Min design ska vara praktisk och tidlös. Du ska kunna njuta av den länge. Välkommen till min värld."

Malin Westberg


Pleasurable everyday luxury

Pleasure in beauty and passion in creation defines the Malin Westberg Collection. Combining joy and desire to make the world even more beautiful.

"I would like my design to be practical, timeless and give you long lasting enjoyment. Welcome to my world."

Malin Westberg                                                                                                       


Bloomingville A/S was founded in Denmark in 2000. From its modest beginnings with only two employees it has developed into a thriving business with a team of 40 employees and 40 agents in Europe. Throughout this growth process it has maintained its focus on excellent quality, reasonable prices and the highest level of service.

Initially, Bloomingville's product line consisted of items sourced from European producers as well as a small variety of pieces designed by the company's founder, Betina Stampe. Over time that focus shifted, and today the vast mayority of products are designed in-house, supplemented by special vintage items sourced directly from selected suppliers in Southeast Asia and Africa. The unique Bloomingville style is a mixture of raw products with a nostalgic Scandinavian twist and reproductions of fantastic pieces from times past inspired by French brocante.

Nordic style / updated vintage / handmade products

Jessica, designer: "Med mina 10 års erfarenhet av att driva butik så kände jag att det saknades något på marknaden. Min butik är personlig detta har jag fört över i vårt varumärke Design By. Sortimentet skall kännas lätt och personligt med känslan av att det inte är perfekt, detta vill jag ha! Plädar och kuddfodral är handtryckta där alla blir lite unika, inte helt perfekta men det är så jag vill ha det, hoppas ni känner på samma sätt".


Madam Stoltz

There has never been a big masterplan behind Madam Stoltz. Instead, the driving forces have been creativity, fantasy and adventurous mind. Combined with a deep fascination of the Asian style of living and the ability to seize the opportunities popping up when on the move.

It all began in the early 1990´s with a young Danish woman, Pernille Stoltz. In order to finance her Asian journey, Pernille bought jewelleries at flea markets in India and sold the same to tourists on the beaches in Greece. After 3 years of travelling and a lot of adventures she returned to Denmark – with her head full of ideas of how to produce her own designs of handicrafts with some of the skillful Indian craftsmen she had met on her journey. In 1995, Pernille opened a small shop selling hooks, baskets, candlestands, jewelleries and Indian saris in the latin quarter of Copenhagen. The shop gave Pernille the opportunity to travel to India frequently and to make her creative ideas become real.

Pernille Stoltz has a very close and long lasting co-operation with the Indian suppliers producing her designs. Minimum four times a yearly, she travels to amazing India filled with contrasts. These journeys fills her with inputs and impressions. Impressions which again are turned into ideas and developments after returning to her family on Bornholm Denmark.


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